A great rinse-off conditioner is usually the Holy Grail for any curly head. It is the extra care that is taken at the end of the week, the spa treatment after all the wear and tear whether in protective styling or not.
We listened to all your feedback and created this reformulation. A one-stop product for co-washing, detangling and deep conditioner. Bigger tub, smaller price, same ingredients with a big addition! Panthenol :)

We added honey quat to keep the hair moisturized and protected against environmental stressors and damage, therefore, reducing hair breakage and loss.

This new formulation has Panthenol, which helps in adding 'slip' , especially when co-washing and detangling.

M'Cado means Avocado in one of Kenya’s local dialects. It gives your hair that extra treatment that will add 100% Moisture and nutrients to keep your healthy and happy.

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