100% BLISS

About 3 years ago most of the new naturals had created homemade leave-in mixtures in little spray bottles, as they understood that one needed to LOC moisture into their hair with a sealant. It was at this point that Harvest of Sunshine started whipping blends of butter like Shea & Cocoa and oils like Coconut, Olive, Grapeseed & Avocado.

A few of us naturals were fairly lazy and the idea that we needed to have so many different things to help our hair feel loved was a little too much. So we started thinking of a water-based butter!

At the time all water-based butters were imported from the West and the local brands were not natural hair friendly i.e. they were jam packed with silicones, petroleum-based ingredients and parabens, so we set off on a journey to create them. The water-based butter would add the much-needed moisture and give the hair the wonderful butters & oils all in one go!

Mwele was the very first water based butter that was created, it took us on a journey of understanding what would be needed to make water and oil mix, how to create an emulsion. We then went into the rather murky waters of preservatives, why we use them and the understanding of the good, bad and the ugly preservatives.

This was the first baby, the one that had the most mistakes with, the one that taught us all that we needed to know so that we could relax when the others came (as a mother of four this analogy sits well with Mumbi).

The name Mwele comes from Mwili, Kiswahili for body; and Nywele, Kiswahili for hair. It has the perfect combination of water, butter and oils to leave your body and hair feeling 100% blissfully pampered.

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