100% PURE

We first heard of African Black Soap in one of the natural hair groups being touted as a miracle facial wash and perfect shampoo for naturals as it was a pure soap; so pure that it was the only soap that should be used on newborn babies!

The ladies of Ghana make it and one can find it being sold in the market, wrapped in brown paper and piled high next to the Shea Butter. It has a lot of Glycerin, so if it is not covered and kept well, it will liquefy in the humidity of the bathroom and more will be lost than will be used. Therefore, we decided to liquefy from the get go so that it can be used as an everyday cleanser, without a lot of waste.

We added Coconut Oil to the liquid black soap, with the aim of reducing the stripping nature of the black soap while boosting the product with all the beneficial properties of Coconut Oil.

Na'azi is inspired by the Kiswahili word for Coconut, which is Nazi. It is a beautiful cleanser that will leave your hair and skin clean without stripping all its natural goodness, leaving it clear and 100% Pure.

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