Story of Harvest


Our creator, Mumbi Muturi-Muli, was inspired by her kitchen which was full of sunshine, warmth and light.
It was a gathering place for her friends to come over and enjoy food, beverages and great conversations.
It was a place where she cooked, baked and later on started to whip up butters and oils that later become the Harvest of Sunshine range of hair and body products that you can buy today.


Harvest of Sunshine is about reflecting on the life one would love to live and making dreams come true.
It's about those chilly June days when the sun decides to come out and remind us of her gloriousness.
It's about believing you can hold things like colour, light, love, air and cloud in your hands.
Harvest of Sunshine is about celebrating you.


We strives to create products that are full of homemade goodness and that are as pure as sunshine.
We believe in using fresh, natural ingredients grown on the African continent.
We know that everything that's born of the goodness of the ground by the African sun is beneficial for our skin, bodies and hair.
We're sure that happy people make happy products for happy customers and we make a happy profit in the process.